Modélisation 3D des écoulements et du transport solide dans un bassin à cavités
par Yi LIU, ICube Equipe MECAFLU
Vendredi 23 juin 2017, 14h, Amphi De Dietrich, INSA Strasbourg

The investigation on sediment transport in tanks is mainly for optimizing the design of tank in stormwater system and sewers. The flow pattern is the primary factor controlling the movement of particle. Therefore, the emphasis of this investigation is to determine the flow pattern and estimate the deposition of particle. Both computational fluid dynamics and experimental methods are applied to accomplish the research. Numerical simulation are processed by using three different geometries, where a volume of fluid model is applied for tracking the free-surface and a discrete phase model is used for calculation of particle trajectory, and an user defined function based on Shields curve is implemented to the boundary for improving the simulation on sedimentation. A series of experiments are carried out in a rectangular tank with a cavity, where velocity measurements are finished for experiments under different conditions and the sediment deposition is recorded. The comparison between numerical simulation and experimental results show better agreement in the prediction of flow, the improvement on particle deposition needs further modification in the particle tracking model.

Keywords: numerical simulation, experiment, sediment transport, flow, tank, eddy structure, particle trajectory.

Le jury est composé de :

  • Rapporteurs : D. Dartus Professeur, IMFT, et A. Ouahsine, Professeur, UT Compiègne
  • Directeur de thèse : A. Ghenaim, Professeur, INSA Strasbourg
  • Examinateur : P.A. Garambois, MCF, INSA Strasbourg
  • Invité : A. Terfous, MCF HDR, INSA Strasbourg

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