Séminaire : Rapid Prototyping of Ultrasound-Guided Interventions

par Gabor Fichtinger, Director of the Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery (PERK LAB)

20 juin 2016 à 14h

Lieu : Forum de la Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg – A301

Abstract : Tracked ultrasound guidance is powerful concept that has been making impact on many minimally invasive procedures.  A small number of commercial navigation systems have emerged during the past decade or so, but the potential of computer-assisted ultrasound-guided interventions is yet to be realized.  Our goal is to provide an open-source, easily configurable software platform for rapid prototyping and early clinical translation of image-guided intervention systems, particularly with ultrasound imaging. The talk will introduce the SlicerIGT for prototyping turn-key applications and the underlying Public Library for Ultrasound Toolkit that provides supporting infrastructure for the application systems. Following a brief outline of structure and functionality, series of use cases will illustrate the power and versatility of the open-source application prototyping platform.




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